Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Phone. In. Toilet!

My phone would be the of my life..
^pretty much.
I take it everywhere I go..

including the bathroom..

Well, anywhooo, now that we have established that!
My wonderful friends and I had gone to swimming pool for some summer fun.
Mother nature called, and I needed to go potty.
As I usually do, I placed the phone on the back of the toilet.
As I turn around to close the stall door I hear a "kerplunk!"

I didn't hesitate to reach my hand in the
public toilet and grab my beloved!

I used the whole "phone in rice" trick to dry it out.
My phone is working just fine now, if anyone cared!

except for the camera,
and if you know me, that would be the most devastating thing to lose!

You can't even tell it 3.0 megapixel ):

Now that I've wasted your time...


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! My camera on my phone is now better then yours! And you know how pimp my phone is!!! Now when you take my picture of my just dancing your camera may make it seem that I am no good. But we both know better. Next time throw something else in the toilet first, (like a watch, or a Resees Peanut buttercup, or some popcorn) so you can feed its hunger and it won't go after your phone! :)

  2. Awwww, and you were just showing me how nifty your camera phone is. Bummer. You DID disinfect it, right?