Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i love drill. i love drill. i love drill...

^I just need to reminding myself that.
I really do though!
2 1/2 weeks ago, we had drill camp.
Soo many memories with the girls. Almost peeing my pants a couple times.
^pahaha, I would!
It wasn't as much physically hard, as it was mentally!
the first day of camp we performed our hip hop that we had learned the week before
(ps, I be veryyy white). All the teams voted for who gets the award "BEST DANCE" BOO-YA!! that would be the azurettes(:(: good start of the year, I think so(:
We learned SEVEEENNNNNNNNN! dances, and performed all of them for our parents...
It helped me soo much though!
All the hard work paid off and we also got the "PRECISION" award. That mans Copper Hills had the cleanest camp dances and such! We rock(:
very greatful for my 2 1/2 week break though!
hmm, thinking I was gonna run and stretch and work out during that time, psh, that happened once..
I was dreading today, the day we went back to drill...
day back included:
mile run, reviewing camp dances and hip hop (blergg!), military, and HEADSTANDSS!
Soo glad to be back at drill though. I love the girls and my coaches!

Injuries already??
I've never had the best knees and hips.. being a dancer and all..
my knees make a grinding pop everytime i do something. That CAN'T be normal.
My hip was bugging me during camp, and now today. It's searing pain when i lift my hip higher then 90*, and sometimes when i'm just standing there..
now that I've vented.. (:

With our awards

seeing how many people to fit into elevator.. 18!


before camp.

camp theme "finish strong"
(^on the way to take this picture, i tripped up the stage and had a huge bruise on my thigh.. it was funny!)


  1. I want to see you dance again!

  2. Sounds like some good times and good memories!! My sister-in-law said that she has the best memories from drill and still has the best of friends from it!! LUCKY!!