Sunday, August 22, 2010

I guess you could say i've been busy.

I'm such a SLACKER!
and to lazy to update on my WHOLE summer, and now that it's coming to a close,
let's hit the basics(:

  • Bear lake
  • Camp out on the parade route
  • Ward camp out
  • Drill "hell" week
  • trips to leatherbee's
  • slurpee runs
  • swimmin'
  • headstands which result in a bleeding scalp (awesome!)
  • Hot dogs during sunday school
  • learning to play "ticket to ride"
  • NOT going to lagoon ):
  • getting my face in cake
  • becoming obsessed with ghost whisperer
  • dropping my phone in the toilet
  • practice in the rain(:
  • parents doing a drill down
  • made new friends
  • Family Pictures
  • Drill Pictures

aw, it's been a pretty dang good summer if i do say so myself(:

Friday night, the Azurettes had their first half time performance of the season, it was soo exciting and of course fun! Marching down from the field feeling totally BAD A!

trying to keep a straight face, waiting to go on.

my make up haha

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love these kinds of days(:

The last week we have been learning our Military routine, dun dun dunnn! Which is very hard hitting and sharp movement, likee the Military. Hence the name(: (oh, and headstands! can't forget headstands)
Anywhooo! Today, after warm up our coach told us that we would be trying out for the dance TODAY! (in drill team, you may have made the team, but you still have to try out for all dances!) ahh! She was taking 16 girls, and we have 22 girls on our team. I felt pretty confident in the dance. Except for a trick out of our headstands.

eh, I guess the tryouts went well..
Well, I made it sooo...


awww, mm(:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i love drill. i love drill. i love drill...

^I just need to reminding myself that.
I really do though!
2 1/2 weeks ago, we had drill camp.
Soo many memories with the girls. Almost peeing my pants a couple times.
^pahaha, I would!
It wasn't as much physically hard, as it was mentally!
the first day of camp we performed our hip hop that we had learned the week before
(ps, I be veryyy white). All the teams voted for who gets the award "BEST DANCE" BOO-YA!! that would be the azurettes(:(: good start of the year, I think so(:
We learned SEVEEENNNNNNNNN! dances, and performed all of them for our parents...
It helped me soo much though!
All the hard work paid off and we also got the "PRECISION" award. That mans Copper Hills had the cleanest camp dances and such! We rock(:
very greatful for my 2 1/2 week break though!
hmm, thinking I was gonna run and stretch and work out during that time, psh, that happened once..
I was dreading today, the day we went back to drill...
day back included:
mile run, reviewing camp dances and hip hop (blergg!), military, and HEADSTANDSS!
Soo glad to be back at drill though. I love the girls and my coaches!

Injuries already??
I've never had the best knees and hips.. being a dancer and all..
my knees make a grinding pop everytime i do something. That CAN'T be normal.
My hip was bugging me during camp, and now today. It's searing pain when i lift my hip higher then 90*, and sometimes when i'm just standing there..
now that I've vented.. (:

With our awards

seeing how many people to fit into elevator.. 18!


before camp.

camp theme "finish strong"
(^on the way to take this picture, i tripped up the stage and had a huge bruise on my thigh.. it was funny!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Phone. In. Toilet!

My phone would be the of my life..
^pretty much.
I take it everywhere I go..

including the bathroom..

Well, anywhooo, now that we have established that!
My wonderful friends and I had gone to swimming pool for some summer fun.
Mother nature called, and I needed to go potty.
As I usually do, I placed the phone on the back of the toilet.
As I turn around to close the stall door I hear a "kerplunk!"

I didn't hesitate to reach my hand in the
public toilet and grab my beloved!

I used the whole "phone in rice" trick to dry it out.
My phone is working just fine now, if anyone cared!

except for the camera,
and if you know me, that would be the most devastating thing to lose!

You can't even tell it 3.0 megapixel ):

Now that I've wasted your time...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


...Olivia said "Mom I am concerned that I have not been getting along with Morgan...and she will be moving out soon."...

...Wishing I was 16 and freakin' had a car already!...

...Had a photo shoot with The Boss(:...

...Was mistaken as my aunt Amy's sister more than once this weekend (we aren't even blood related)...

...Got my registration packet for JUNIOR year! Makes me sick...

...Had the hiccups on and off allllll day Friday...

...Realized I need to go to Popcorn Lovers Anonymous. I may be a tad addicted(:...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Backyard Campout!

I'm gonna try this whole blog thing.
Should be interesting!(:

the only normal picture you'll ever see of us

Summer is my favorite season! Kiersten and I couldn't just waste it inside! After much debating with ourselves whether we wanted to take the time to set up the tent in my backyard, we got ourselves to do it! Ohh boyy(: I can't help but think that my neighbors were also up with us. whoops! At around 2 AM, we crashed.
Thinking, "Oh, it's summer. I'll be warm," I only brought a couple
blankies out to snuggle with. Oh! Was i mistaken! It got FREEZING! Kiersten and i luckily had each other to keep us as warm as we could get ourselves.
Of course, when we woke up in the morning, we were covered in blankets and it was burning hot in the

all bundled up and cozy(:

Loving summer and my 2 week break off