Sunday, August 22, 2010

I guess you could say i've been busy.

I'm such a SLACKER!
and to lazy to update on my WHOLE summer, and now that it's coming to a close,
let's hit the basics(:

  • Bear lake
  • Camp out on the parade route
  • Ward camp out
  • Drill "hell" week
  • trips to leatherbee's
  • slurpee runs
  • swimmin'
  • headstands which result in a bleeding scalp (awesome!)
  • Hot dogs during sunday school
  • learning to play "ticket to ride"
  • NOT going to lagoon ):
  • getting my face in cake
  • becoming obsessed with ghost whisperer
  • dropping my phone in the toilet
  • practice in the rain(:
  • parents doing a drill down
  • made new friends
  • Family Pictures
  • Drill Pictures

aw, it's been a pretty dang good summer if i do say so myself(:

Friday night, the Azurettes had their first half time performance of the season, it was soo exciting and of course fun! Marching down from the field feeling totally BAD A!

trying to keep a straight face, waiting to go on.

my make up haha

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  1. Hey, I thought that was a pretty good update! Except that now I want a Slurpee...