Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love these kinds of days(:

The last week we have been learning our Military routine, dun dun dunnn! Which is very hard hitting and sharp movement, likee the Military. Hence the name(: (oh, and headstands! can't forget headstands)
Anywhooo! Today, after warm up our coach told us that we would be trying out for the dance TODAY! (in drill team, you may have made the team, but you still have to try out for all dances!) ahh! She was taking 16 girls, and we have 22 girls on our team. I felt pretty confident in the dance. Except for a trick out of our headstands.

eh, I guess the tryouts went well..
Well, I made it sooo...


awww, mm(:


  1. Yay Morg that is so freaking awesome!!!!! Is this the first dance you have tried out for? I'm proud of you...that's awesome! Oh and happy 3 month!!

  2. Woo woo! What a confidence builder!

  3. Cool beans baby girl! I am still mad that you didn't text me the second you knew you made it.

  4. Yay!!!!! Woot Woot! Congrats! That's soo awesome!